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Amin Shahrbanoo (Persian: امین شهربانو‎‎, born on February 9, 1995) is an Iranian Film Director. Amin started his first media job on age 17 and at 20, he started directing music videos for Persian celebrities, and he had performed in theater productions all throughout school.

Amin started his first film school on age 16, and he made a few Short films and Commercials. On 1 September, 2017, Amin decided to make his first feature film The Haunted House, which was an horror movie; however, he put the idea on indiegogo to raise some funds to start the project, but due to no funds and help he decided to stop the project, Amin was so disappointed but he didn't give up so he decided to work on his second Feature film The Stranger on March 2018, with his own funds and with no support and sponsor and it was released in 2020.